Organising entertainment, sporting and recreational events in a safe environment to provide opportunities for community building

  • Facilitating referrals for health care focusing on–
    • mental health specialists and counsellors and for psychosocial support
    • sexual and reproductive health care
    • rehabilitation centres for drug and alcohol abuse
  • Disseminating information and providing training relating to HIV and STIs including–
    • information on HIV and STI prevention, treatment, care and support
    • Disseminating HIV barrier products specifically geared towards the needs of transgender and intersex bodies
  • Providing legal referral assistance by linking up our members who need legal advice or representation relating to the protection and promotion of their gender identity and expression rights
  • Promoting advocacy through workshops for community organisers, activists, politicians, and other leaders
  • Hosting information sessions for transgender and intersex people outlining their human rights
  • Advancing trans and intersex issues in civic and legal platforms